When it comes to photography, we always need quality photos for a better look. Nikon D3300 is the most powerful DSLR with great features designed to improve photos taken in auto mode. Therefore, if you’re determined to take stunning shots with your Nikon D3300, perhaps you need to consider factors that help your shots tell a great story. The following are Nikon D3300 tips that will guide you into taking better pictures.

Nikon D3300 DSLR

1. Camera effects

Nikon D3300 has a given number of the special effects applied on the shooting mode. Most photographers use miniature and super vivid. However, considering an easy panoramic effect that automatically stitches multiple images together is the best way to enhance your shot to a wide, panoramic photo.

2. Noise Reduction and ISO Light sensitivity

With D3300, you can control the sensitivity to light with the ISO setting. It’s preferable to use the least number possible to achieve adequate exposure. This effect is obtained by raising the ISO in dark or dim lighting situation. However, it can produce graininess in the images, commonly called noise. Thus, you should proceed with caution. Turning on noise reduction is essential.

3. Taking portrait shots

Always set the zooming lens of your D3300 to approximately 35mm, and then use the aperture priority while controlling the depth of the field. Set the aperture by adjusting the rear control dial as you focus on the subject.

4. How to capture action photo

It can be challenging to take a shot of a moving object. However, with your D3300, you can use shutter priority effectively by setting the speed of shutter to 1/100 second. So, it helps to freeze the action.

5. How to take landscape photos

With the help of aperture priority, you can obtain a higher setting, preferably greater than f9 to get a deep depth of the field. Additionally, focus more on the scene while capturing an important subject at a varying distance from your camera.

6. Taking photos in a low light

Use shutter priority when shooting hand-held and turn rear control dial to enhance and set the shutter speed faster than 1/30 of a second.

7. Meter camera light for proper exposure

Nikon D3300 has 3 light-metering modes accessible from the setting menu. When is in matrix mode, it can judge the light in every part of the image so as to pick the setting and give even exposure. But, when it gives you low-quality results, consider spot metering mode, or Center-Weighted, as well a adjust the exposure compensation.

8. Nikon D3300 bundle package

Nikon D3300 bundle

With practice, the Nikon D3300 bundle will be easier to do your daily photography. Eventually, you won’t have to remember these tips since it will become practically automatic with time. Go out with your Nikon camera and capture those great moments that will last in memories for decades.