How much value do you get with the Nikon 3500 bundle deals?

There are plenty of Nikon D3500 bundles offered in the market at various prices. Most off these bundles are either of low quality or medium quality, and they are just good enough for the beginners since they are usually easy to work.

Nikon D3500 bundles

However, it is essential for those new in the photography industry not to spend much of their money on the most expensive gears and especially those that they don’t need at the moment.

Main Nikon D3500 Bundle Content

  • The 18-55 mm Lens

This lens is mainly designed for new and less experienced photographers to boost their experience while at the same time, enabling you to capture high quality photos. This is a standard lens in most Nikon D3500 bundles and you can use it for both personal and basic photography as it gets up well with almost all photography types.

  • The 70-300 mm Lens

The 70-300 mm Lens is not only a light lens but also one of the most affordable glasses that are perfect as new photographers. It is a preferred telephoto zoom lens since its powerful magnification, and its large focal length makes it ideal for sport and wildlife photography. You can adjust its magnification to precisely capture and crop faraway objects.

  • Memory Cards:

The memory card is a critical camera component for the storage of the images captured. For instance, the Nikon D3500 has a 24.2 MP sensor that captures JPEG images of about 9 Mb, and this means you require about 16 GB memory storage to efficiently save all of your favorites images.

  • Tripod:

It is imperative to keep your camera in a steady position to capture sharp images. For instance, if you are using the telephoto lens, you can easily take night shots, long shutter shots, and the self-timer portraits shots. Most bundles offer medium and low tripods for beginners.

  • Lens Filters

The lens filters are used for protecting the inner lens. Some other types of lens filters are designed to enhance the color of your image or correct the temperature of your images hence improving the color tone.

Cons of the Nikon D3500 bundle

The Nikon D3500 tripods are not suitable for professional photography, especially those involving substantial photography activities.

Fixed LCD overlooks touch support.