Best GoPro cameras on sale – best online deals

As the technology grows in our world, so does the new GoPro cameras.

Considering the quality of GoPro products, they usually charge a higher price than the competition.

GoPro deals

For this reason we found the best GoPro cameras deals available online.

The Hero7 Black-399$

This is the best option for GoPro Hero7 collection. There is no much change from the Hero6 Black version in design, just little add-ups of ram and reworked GP1 chip. This camera creates 4K pictures at 60 frames per second, 2,7K at up to 120 FPS so as 1080p up to 240FPS. With built-in RAW and a “Super Photo” HDR mode this camera shoots 12mgpx images and have access to WI-Fi connectivity and GPS. The newest innovation as we speak about this model is that called by GoPro Hypersmooth mode for stabilization, which enable to shoot professional-like videos at, for example, for moto riding, bicycling and it even works underwater and windy terms. Incredible, isn’t it?

The Hero7 Silver-299$

It’s not just in the paint what creates difference between these cameras. The Hero7 Silver camera is like a remodel of the Hero6 Black model. It shoots 10mgpx photos with option of wide dynamic range (WDR), capturing 4K videos at 30FPS. of course, there are a GPS and WI-Fi connection.

The Hero7 White-199$

This one is the simplest and the cheapest model from this collection. It makes 10 MP images without WDR mode, capture 1080p videos at 60FPS, no GPS connectivity and some other features.

These are the best latest versions of great quality cameras for every person who loves doing this.